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Though inequality around the world increases, through our positive input, changes can occur and be manifested.
The Staggering Contrast – The rich becomes richer still…1% of the world’s population are far richer than the 99% together.
This is a FACT – Over the past year, the billionaires increased their wealth by $762 Billion Alarming?…….. for sure!

A detour is needed to evoke a rude awakening and mind-set amongst the populous/masses, realising the power they possess in claiming their freedom of choice!!

Strangely…. There is an opportunity, though, where sharing is PRIORITY!!!

You, the individual possess the ability to choose – the first step towards building a better world, a prosperous future through YourWebBase.

A. Your Web Base – Vision and Goals.

* YourWebBase, website was created for the global community using the internet, who shops online, playing games, watching movies, bloggers, website owners, youtube channel users etc, to benefit financially via a dedicated advertising – revenue sharing system with YourWebBase – get connected.
*YourWebBase was created to eliminate the exclusive possession and control of big businesses and Companies on the internet and become a HUB and Haven for business Opportunities, Programs, Advertisers and Traffic Exchanges through which the member can generate a monthly residual income and therefore eradicate INJUSTICE and INEQUALITY in their financial status.

A.Your Web Base – Distinct features.

* YourWebBase is free to join/register for anyone using a computer or smart device.
* Through inviting friends and colleagues by sending them your, YourWebBase referral link a percentage of their active engagement with the programs within YWB site is shared and earned by you as described in the rules and regulations.
*Through these unique features, playing free games and searching the web etc, real cash prices is earned through their efforts.
* Companies, especially new ones, search platforms where to advertise their merchandise. With numerous and countless active members in YWB website and programs advertising revenue is generated which are than shared with the members as described in the rules and regulations.
* Detailed information is available and frequently asks questions are answered when following the link sent to potential members.