YWB charity

YWBYour Web Base will change the world and lives for those who take this opportunity seriously.

But some people don´t have anything ….. no smartphone, no electricity no internet so they can not take this opportunity like we can.

So YWB, Wemagine and Earth Hero Movement will together with us do charity, specially for children.

To help children around the world “Your Web Base” (together with wemagine) make special tournaments, meaning we bring in players to play for free and all profits goes to charity!

This is an amazing way for us all to help less fortunate people all for free…. it just take the time it takes for the tournament to end.

This first charity tournament starts 23 april 2017 so bring in as many people you possible can!

After the charity tournament is finished a new tournament starts and this time the profits goes out as prizes to the players.

So these games are helping you aswell…..

Register to be apart of YWB both for your future but also for helping others

now the charity tournament ended so now the money goes to the best players


change the world with ywb
change the world with ywb

It is 100% tested, 100% proven, 100% legit, 100% free and….

it is 100% easy:

1: register from:here 

2: download the app ” Your Web Base “

3: login

4: go to tab “apps and games” inside your app and download sweet sugar smackdown




we are fun & amazing