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YourWebBase is made to let all people benefit from the work they usually do for free. Every day millions of people work for free without even knowing.

YourWebBase will change the way we think about spending time online.

When we are online and for example chat with friends and play games, we produce income to the owners of the chat and games.

If no one used their chat and games they would not earn any money, so we are the ones creating their fortune. But we don´t see our time online chatting and playing games as work! That is why we never thought we could get a share of their revenue.

Who invite new people to games and chats? Yes, we do!

Without us they only have an empty room, no content created, no pictures shared, no games played, no nothing… so ofcourse no income.

A few companys think it is fair to share the revenue with those who do the work….. and YourWebBase is one of them.

We don´t have to do anything diffrent. We chat with friends and play games as usual but on the platforms that share their adrevenue instead of spending time where no revenue is shared.

It is that easy….

Register, download and login: start

We have groups on both wowapp and facebook

yourwebbase fb
yourwebbase fb

So to make the most of the revenue sharing platforms you tell all your family and friends to come and join you. (Or if you have some kind of business where you want to communicate, this is great for you AND your costumers)

They do the same to their family and friends ….and in no time these platforms will produce income for you, your family and your friends….. Everyone get an extra share for everyone they bring in with their personal invitationlink.

Income without you do anything more then chatting and playing games!! Isn´t that amazing?

If you want you can give your income to charity instead of cashing out. It is up to you!

Very welcome to YourWebBase





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