The truth about YWB

The truth about YWB, the best opportunity ever.
It is not about the games. huh?

First of all we need to agree about what selling advertising space can do for a company.
Advertising is like a goldmine, not only online but offline aswell

Those who want their ads shown pay loads of dollars if they know loads of people will see their ads. The price they pay depends on how big the plattform is.

For example a local tv station might only charge $1000 where a nationwide show charge $10 000.                                                                             For global exposure it will be much more expensive, one of the most expensive I know is superbowl which charge $5 000 000

So those who want exposure are looking for big and popular platforms. If the people show up they will be there. This is not just a guess, it is reality.

Can we now agree that if we create a platform and bring in the masses we have created a goldmine???

OK 🙂 great!
Let us move on….

YWB and WOW offer something new that let anyone get a piece of the advertisingrevenues they get.

They already created the platforms for us to use for free.
All they need to get a huge revenue is us (the people) to use their platforms. We have the most important roll in this, to invite others, to spread it around the world. When we do we are building their platforms and our income at the same time.

There is no lack of money in the world, just an inequality of money.
YWB and Wow want to change the fact that only a few people are in charge of most of the worlds money.

Is it possible to get a large number of people to the same platform? Absolutely! For example pokemongo got a million downloads in 24 hours

If we look at the game YWB created it look like candy crush and if we read wikipedia about candy crush it say:

Around 2014, over 93 million people were playing Candy Crush Saga, while revenue over a three-month period as reported by King was over $493 million.

$493 million in 3 month….. so how much of that money did the players get?? Nothing….

In SweetSugarSmackdown that money would cover 27 tournaments every day
Even if candy crush would have kept $400 million and only paid out $93 million they would have been so much bigger the next month. Why? Well as soon as someone got real money in a free game the popularity of that game would increase, don´t you think? So at least the 93 million candy crush players around the world would want to change from candy crush to our game just because they are good at playing and therefor have a good chance of winning real cash. And we who see the potential in building this as our own business just love to show them how. The biggest share of the money goes to the agents.

We need to support the companys who want to share for free… We need to show that their vision about a more equal way of sharing money is the way we want.

It is a big diffrence in earning and winning. You can do either or both here. Plus whatever you do you also support charity for free on the platforms.

When you decided to either support the idea by playing or you want to build your income with this you just go and register here:
That registration cover 2 apps “YWB” and the game “sweet sugar smackdown”, same inlog.
Write down your username and password so you don´t forget 😉

In “yourwebbase”app you click the tab “programs” –
 “wowapp”- register and download that aswell.

In wowapp you earn for everything, for example talk,chat,play games, shop and more…..
Big welcome and please don´t be afraid to connect on wow, we will answer your questions in no time.



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