team checklist



You will get a page like this one: example and we will promote it for you! Good deal!

1. Register in the free programs below and send me all your links (this is a one-time task).

2. Also, send me your own favourite links (you can include links from programs that are not in team checklist) with some text for your personal page. On your personal page you do not have any required program, it is totally up to you what to show there.

3. I will then provide you with your personal link to promote.

4. We have our team chat in WowApp (make sense as they also pay you to chat).

List of Programs we Promote:

Required Programs

Optional Programs

List of Traffic Exchanges we use to promote our programs:

Required Traffic Exchange

Points to Remember:

  • It has a bigger impact if we promote in the same Traffic Exchanges as well as if we post on the same platforms.
  • You need to promote with a minimum of 700 hits / week to be in the rotators. If you don´t reach 700 hits/week you still have your own page under “highlighted members” and receive traffic to it from us.
  • To be in all the links on the whole domain is very valuable. People who want their own page will join them and all visitors who do not join the team often join 1 or 2 anyway, so make sure you are in there.
  • We also have an excellent weekly contest where you can win extra traffic

Welcome to our team 

together we can change everything
together we can change everything

we are fun & amazing