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An act of kindness

In The Hardest Decision Ever, A Stranger Has To Decide Whether To Give Or Take The Money…

Ashleigh is a woman who is in real need. She’s a mother of two trying hard to keep it together for her family, and on top of that, her father who she describes as her “hero” passed away unexpectedly on ANZAC Day.

She came in and explained to Kyle and Jackie O that when he passed she was forced to buy flights home to New Zealand to the value of

$2500 on their credit card, which they’re now struggling to pay off. Her partner also had an accident at work a few years ago which affected their income, so it hit double as hard. She has also promised her mother, who is now on her own in New Zealand, that she would visit again soon, so this $5,000 would allow her to keep her promise.

Then we plucked Kate off the street. She is a mother of three who has been given this decision, and she’s really struggling. Her own family are in dire need of the money, with their electricity about to be shut off, and her husband working hard to support them. Kate herself works nights as a cleaner at her little girl’s pre-school and on the weekends to make ends meet.

She let it slip that she only has $8 in her account right now. Her eldest son also needs braces, which costs around $5000, but the family just can’t afford it.

She got very emotional while tackling her decision and I have to say, it was heart wrenching watching her decide what to do.