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Free game – cash prize……. This is breaking news!!


sweet sugar smackdown, free games - cash prizes
sweet sugar smackdown, free game – thousands of dollars in cash prizes

This game app ( Sweet Sugar Smackdown ) is no ordinary match-3 game…. no no …. Sweet Sugar Smackdown is free to play BUT you can win big money prizes if you qualify in one of their global tournaments!!

This has never been done before…. and it is even better then that….

You can also win if your friend win 😀

Isn´t that amazing??

So if you want to win money but you are worthless in games…. invite friends who can play and win when they win!!! nothing can beat this….. it is the best totally free moneymaking game I ever seen! period!.

As with anything the more you play the better you will get. It is possible for anyone, anywhere to be the world champion in sweet sugar smackdown and win the grand prize.

Here it is not about reaching the highest level but having the highest score out of the random people from around the world that you play against. If you fail the level it does not count. The only thing that counts is scores on completed levels.

If you want to make money with this game you need to be registered with YWB and download that app aswell…

A free game with hundreds of people winning cash in every tournament …. do you think people want to play in this game??

OFCOURSE they want to  🙂 so invite as many of them you can because you get 10% of all your players as an agent.

So how can you see if a tournament is running?

Click the tournament button:

sweetsugarsmackdown tournament
sweetsugarsmackdown tournament

When you click on it the first time you must login with the same email and password you registered in yourwebbase app…. and after login you come to this:

sweet sugar smackdown tournament
sweet sugar smackdown tournament
and here you can check your competition, just click leaderboard as you see above and you come to:
sweet sugar smackdown tournament leaderboard rounds
sweet sugar smackdown tournament leaderboard rounds
 depending on which round you are playing you click the right number…. and you come to:
sweet sugar smackdown tournament leaderboard round 1
sweet sugar smackdown tournament leaderboard round 1

so you see in this round you must beat 6760 to get to the next round…. only the highest score move up and the rest must go back and qualify again.

But as I said before, to be able to win cash and participate in the tournaments you need to be registered with YWB (your web base)

do it here: registration

and after registration come to our fb group and get advice:

Great ? let the world make some money by sticking together ….. instead of just a few people getting billions many can get millions …. much better idea

And share sweet sugar smackdown around the world…..

most people need this easy money

It is 100% tested, 100% proven, 100% legit, 100% free and….

it is 100% easy:

1: register from:here

2: download the app ” Your Web Base “

3: login

4: go to tab “apps and games” inside your app and download sweet sugar smackdown





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