Sweet Sugar Smackdown

Sweet Sugar Smackdown – free game with cash prizes

“Your Web Base” is a collection app for several free incomesources and one of them is “Sweet Sugar Smackdown”

Sweet Sugar Smackdown was featured on News Watch because they think Sweet Sugar Smackdown  truly is a game changer. And they are right!

If only 1% of the people watching newswatch join to play the game that is 2 Million people. They will tell others to join and play because  they get 10% of those peoples winnings and their friends winning down 7 levels if they do.

124 Million people play Candy Crush every single day, hundreds of millions more play it less frequently.

Sweet Sugar Smackdown is just like Candy Crush except it has no cheats, there is nothing you can pay for and you can win big cash prizes. You can make money without even playing the game.

You can not win anything in Candy Crush. But you can in sweet sugar smackdown!

Sweet Sugar Smackdown is Tournament match 3 where player compete against other player from around the world. The more you play the better you get. It is that simple.

It is not our only free product you can earn money from, we are only using it as an example because it will be featured on the news.

There has never been any program in history that has higher income potential than this. If you were to sponsor only 10 people and they did the same down all 7 levels you would have over 11 million people in your network. 10 is a ridiculously low number given the average person on facebook has an average of 330 friends.10% of all winnings from millions of people…. this is really huge!!

Snooze on this and you could lose out on the biggest opportunity ever.

We make our money the same way Facebook, Google, Youtube and every social media platform out there does, from advertising and we currently have access to nearly 300 billion dollars in advertising worldwide. That is where all commissions and prizes come from. That means we have the largest income opportunity ever created and It does not cost you anything ever.

It would be simply foolish to pass up this opportunity. Over 1 billion people word wide already play match 3 with no chance of winning anything. If you think they would not prefer to do what they are already doing in a game that is far more fun to play where they can actually win money then you are clearly missing something.
What are you waiting for? Simply register at the link below, then get your own link from the site and change it in this letter to yours. Then all you have to do is send this email to everyone you know and they will do the same.
Sign up for the app at http://ywb.hematicx.co

see newswatch review: sweet sugar smackdown on newswatch

sweet sugar smackdown - free to play money to win
sweet sugar smackdown – free to play money to win

When you are signed up as a member/player you are welcome to our fb group: your web base nr1 team

It is not about the game – it is about what the game can do for people! Sweet Sugar Smackdown is made to help people!

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