get money for free

Looking for work?

Looking for work?

YWB/wemagine are looking for gaming agents all over the world.

no experience needed, this is the easiest work you can find.

Register, download the app and start working!

We need atleast 12000 active people

There is no limit on how much you can make.

Register here: work as an agent

here you can see one game we are agents for : sweet sugar smackdown

We also have a bonusgame already made and three more games in making. So this is only the beginning.

They need agents from all over the world so it is a golden opportunity to be in at this early stage. A good agent makes more then a good player. So invite everyone, it is free and pay cash prizes so it isn´t hard work to get people. And you will get 10% of everyone tied to your account.


if you have any questions as an agent you can ask in the fb group

but you must register for the app first

Our CEO is in one of our chatgroups so you can hear news directly from the company without delays

This is the best job you can do from home! and you will help alot of other people while you do it…….

welcome to Your Web Base


It is 100% tested, 100% proven, 100% legit, 100% free and….

it is 100% easy:

1: register from:here

2: download the app ” Your Web Base “

3: login

4: go to tab “apps and games” inside your app and download sweet sugar smackdown




we are fun & amazing