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Sweet Sugar Smackdown takes this kind of game to a whole new level. It’s a competition Match 3 game and race to see who is the best. Compete with players all around the world to reach the top or get smacked off.

You can progress through the map to play different levels just like in Candy Crush, but the difference here is that the map is not the main part of the game.

That’s simply where you go to practice. The meat of the game is played in Tournament mode.The goal here is to attain the highest score beating out the other people playing at the same level.

The person with the highest score advances to the next level and the others are smacked down where they can try again. All Players who make it to the tournament level round are guaranteed to win a cash prize.

If a player falls from Level 3 or higher, they are given tickets. When the Tournament ends, winners are drawn from those tickets and receive a cash prize. Not random points, but an actual cash prize.

That’s completely different from any other Match 3 game on the market.

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Tim Poe

Tim Poe

Very courageous and inspirational…Disabled veteran with brain damage from a grenade when he was serving in Afghanistan…Stutters when he talks, but not while singing…Performs “If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Garth Brooks…

Hats off…. a great performance

James Arthur

think about it 🙂 nothing is impossible!!

James Arthur came on the xfactor a little lost and troubled

He wanted his parents to talk to eachother because they hadn´t done that for a really long time…

But they came together for their sons audition and I cried watching it… it was heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time

And from that boy to this man – from audition to finale – it is amazing what he achieved…. this song touch my heart as much as his first performance did…

first audition

and this video show clips from his journey up til the finale – he won!!

at the judges house… will he be choosen?

we are fun & amazing