Hi, I am Lena!

I want to tell you about my favourite sites.

My first suggestion is ofcourse Frega, a platform owned and operated by its users. You earn a share of everything going on in the eco system just by beeing a member so this one is nothing to think about. Just join. If you have a business it is even better, then it is a nobrainer, you get lots of tools to run your business. It is still under constuction but many features and apps are working already and more to come. Huge potential.

Second to Frega is 360win and “the free sportsbook”

For many years I have been promoting the idea of playing for free and let advertisers pay for all prizes. It is a great idea because there is huge amounts of advertising money in games and casino. And instead of people losing their money to those who win let us use the advertising money so noone lose and everyone win 🙂 win/win

My suggestion about free advertising is ofcourse to join us here at team kili and get a page like this one + joining the rotators.

Also to follow the plan in cashjuice and link it to trafficadbar is a good idea to get traffic.

we are fun & amazing