kicki holback

Hi I am Kicki

First I want to explain about Team KiLi

It is a team and a downline builder. You register and go to “team checklist”. From there you join as many programs as you want and send them as an reply to your welcomeletter.

After that you send whatever links you want shown on your personal page, and it doesn´t have to be any of the team links. It is the admin who puts your links in different rotators, you don´t have to do anything on the site. That makes this so awesome. You get your own page with your links and it is promoted by the team!!

After that is said I want to tell you about my prefered programs

WoWapp is great both on pc and mobile. You get paid in several ways, examples are to chat and play games. That is something most of us do so it is great to get paid for it.

360win is another great idea. Anyone can become an affiliate and refer players. They offer a very generous referral program where the sponsor wins 10% of whatever the player wins! If you want play it is free forever. You start by competing in a qualifying game. Finish in the top half of any qualifying game and you will earn an entry into their Real Cash Tournaments. Qualifying games run 24/7 so qualify as often as you can. It is free and pay cash prizes because of advertisers. During the qualifying games there will be a few short commercial breaks, much like on TV.

PiNetwork is an interesting app. Mining crypto is hard.Investing in crypto is risky.Too many of us are left out of the cryptocurrency revolution.

Pi makes crypto mining easy

Breakthrough tech allows you to mine on your phone without draining your battery.

we are fun & amazing