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Wowism – really amazing new way to spread wealth, just by doing what you already are doing

As income inequality is rising and connectivity becomes ubiquitous, Thomas realized that in today’s world we have a paradoxical economic phenomenon, where billions of people work, contribute content and actions for free but very few reap massive economic gain. He calls this system “Freeism”, where a personโ€™s actions on the internet create economic gain that benefits the few, thus having a built-in income inequality component.

In 2009, Thomas had a vision of a much fairer economy, based on sharing, where if someone contributes and value is created, then members receive something in return. This way sharing becomes true sharing. He calls this new economic system “Wowism, where the majority of economic gain is shared with the community and the community can share in turn to do good in the world.

To put Wowism in practice, he started building WowApp, launched in 2015 and with over 1 million users already, which basically shares more than 70% of its own revenue margin with its members.

Chat, call or play games and get a piece of their revenue.

Start with wowism here: wowapp

Henry Richardson

Only 15 years old, Henry Richardson blow the judges away with his magic card trick!!

This is amazing…. I can not believe my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

He is standing right in front of the judges and they see everything up close…. and still he manage to trick them ๐Ÿ˜€