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sweet sugar smackdown on NewsWatch

Sweet Sugar Smackdown takes this kind of game to a whole new level. It’s a competition Match 3 game and race to see who is the best. Compete with players all around the world to reach the top or get smacked off.

You can progress through the map to play different levels just like in Candy Crush, but the difference here is that the map is not the main part of the game.

That’s simply where you go to practice. The meat of the game is played in Tournament mode.The goal here is to attain the highest score beating out the other people playing at the same level.

The person with the highest score advances to the next level and the others are smacked down where they can try again. All Players who make it to the tournament level round are guaranteed to win a cash prize.

If a player falls from Level 3 or higher, they are given tickets. When the Tournament ends, winners are drawn from those tickets and receive a cash prize. Not random points, but an actual cash prize.

That’s completely different from any other Match 3 game on the market.

read the story on newswatch

sweet sugar smackdown

Sweet Sugar Smackdown is the first of several free games with cash prizes… and everyone want free money so this will be huge!!

Sweet sugar smackdown can be downloaded from google play and is totally free forever… it will be featured on the television show NewsWatch on may 15 2017 …. but remember you saw it here first 🙂

1 go to google play and download the game
2 open the app and click tournament
3 register and write: misslenali where they ask for your sponsors id

congrats now you are ready to play

If you want to get higher odds of getting money just contact me and I tell you what to do


your web base, sweet sugar smackdown and 7 degrees

Above is a playlist of mine…. and I make those videos for something I believe all people in the world should know…. and that is: We have enough money on this planet for every person to live a good life…..

Why don´t we all live a good life then??

Because the few people owning that money do not share!

Do not settle with that!!

There is almost 300 billion dollar in advertising money in the world.

The advertising agencys want to put them where the people spend their time so they get as many views as possible.

We are the people so we can decide where we want to spend our time….

So if we make sure that we and everyone we know spend our time in 7degrees, Sweet sugar smackdown and wowapp,we get a share of the money.

Not many companies do share their wealth but YWB does ….

We (the people online) can control where the advertising agencys will put the money so of course we must tell the world to join yourwebbase!!!

The easiest advice I ever given anybody: Join “your web base” and make sure everyone you know does the same!

Sharing wealth is a great thing ? it is not a job… It is just to spend time and play games and chat on platforms that want to share their adrevenue.

it is all about where we spend our time online

  • if we spend time on fb, fb get paid
  • if we spend time on wow, wow get paid
  • if we play candy crush, candy crush get paid
  • if we play sweet sugar smackdown, sweet sugar smackdown get paid

…… and so on

*fb do not share the profits with us, wow does

*candy crush don´t share their profits with us, sweet sugar smackdown does……..

so this is very simple: we must spend time on the platforms that share their revenue with us

so play sweet sugar smackdown and 7 degrees and chat with friends on wow ……..

8 men are richer than 3.6 billion people combined
1 of those people is Mark Zuckerberg, not Facebook but the man himself, he only owns 24% of Facebook.
He made all his money from Facebook. Facebook has no product the people are the product without the people all you have is a blank page.
We can change the world it is possible it is not even that hard.
We the people are that powerful

There is much more money then people in the world….. remember that

register: just click here and you come to another page

let us start sharing

there is enough money in the world for everyone to live a good life!

the problem is that the money belongs to very few people and that is a problem that could be solved if we unite and start working together instead of one by one…..Let us stand up as one, in a simple free game – but with more power then anything you seen!

You can join the movement here : Your Web Base