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Nothing Will Change Unless YOU Change

If you want a better life than the one you currently live, one of the greatest things you could ever learn is this: NOTHING will change unless YOU CHANGE. Things will never get better until YOU decide to get better. Until YOU decide to learn more, to work harder, to work smarter, to change your daily habits, to eliminate negative influences. This is YOUR life and it is up to YOU to make a change if you want better.

Patrick Jörgensen

I dont usually like rap… but this is so great… A young boy wrote to his mum who was dying from cancer… you can hear he almost cry in the end of the song….

Patrick sings this emotional rap about his Mum who sadly past away. Norway’s Got Talent judges are in tears following this passionate performance earning him the Golden Buzzer!

He is worth sharing to the world…. such an emotional performance…. listen to the lyrics!!


OMG this girl is awesome!!

If only the people in the background could stop interfear with this performance it would be much better.

She sings with what I think is her mother or sister and she does it very well… titanic is not the easiest song to sing

Just Us

this is what friendship is all about… Julia will never be able to dance again after her surgery… so her friends and her made a dancegroup to make this performance something to remember.

And yes we will remember this!

It’s dance group Just Us’ dream to grace the BGT stage, with member Julia revealing this is her last chance to impress once she has surgery for her scoliosis. In fact, Alesha was so touched by the girls’ performance, she reaches for that Golden Buzzer!

The golden buzzer was well deserved….