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Let us all support the free programs who share their revenue . is not a program…. it is a team.
We help each other promote and support the free programs that share their revenue…. we have a mission to make people see the benefits of sharing.

All programs stand alone, but we have brought them together in one place.

We also make a page with the members preferred links for them to promote and get extra traffic to it as well, that is a huge benefit of team Kili.
Second: if you promote Kili rocks and receive 700 clicks in a week you are also included in the rotators for all programs. That is excellent as those links are on every page on our domain and are promoted by us separately.
Not many places give you so much for so little…

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why kili rocks

We have one mission!

To support the idea of sharing …. It is easy, logic and the right thing to do in a world where the rich get richer by the day while most people are struggling.

The companies we have chosen think sharing is the answer and I agree. If you have a popular site or game with loads of advertisers paying you to show their ads….. why not share that money with the sites users or players? No one need billions for themselfes ….

Check the sharing companies here: click

Join them… We need to be together in this to be powerful. We must show that we prefer sharing sites so more of the rich sites start sharing. They wont start sharing until they see they are losing power toward the sharing ones.

For example in these days when people make more online meetings (both business and private) use Zoom from Fregas platform.

powerful together
powerful together


change the world

For 5 years I have been repeating myself over and over again. Some days I don´t even know why … but then I remember … we, together can change the world if we want to.!.

Can you just think about what if all people together would benefit from fb, insta, twitter, skype, linkedIn and other social media platforms?

Well those platforms doesn´t share their revenue with you even if they make billions from your posts. But there is alternatives who do share their revenue with all users!!

So my question is: why not use those platforms instead??

We can change the world if we do!

Join us and get in on the discussion

it is not just for you,the benefits is for charity and people making less then $5 per day…. we can change that… but only if we come together


In the team we help eachother with like, share and support on the paying social platforms we work with. Ofcourse you need to post something good for the team to comment, share and support, we must stay true to the platforms and not abuse them.

Tsu is for photos (like instagram)

Webtalk is for business (like LinkedIn)

Frega is for everything ( use it as a blog, Vlog, businessportal, social media, instagram, videochat and more)

And wowapp is the place where we have our teamchat, so join us there 🙂

Most algorithms for earnings depends on likes, shares, comments, time spent on the platforms, followers and activity.

So teamwork is great!

And the same for cashjuice ( where we promote)…

like share and comment

time to take TSU seriously

Join, share your photos, like, comment and share other peoples photos…. be involved and get engaged !! click here: TSU

The more photos you share the more followers you get 🙂

Just imagine if the world spent the same amount of time on the sharing platforms as they do on the non-sharing ones…. what if all fb revenue for example went to the users instead…. can you imagine?

They also have a “support me” button, when you want to support someone you must watch a short commercial and that ad money goes to the person you support. Brilliant!

more: sharing

I have talked about this for years and it is the truth for me. If companies want to advertise for millions of dollars they can and they will on platforms with lots of users…. so instead of using platforms that take all that money for themselves why not use platforms that share??? For me it is an easy choice…. let us share 🙂

we are fun & amazing