James Arthur

think about it 🙂 nothing is impossible!!

James Arthur came on the xfactor a little lost and troubled

He wanted his parents to talk to eachother because they hadn´t done that for a really long time…

But they came together for their sons audition and I cried watching it… it was heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time

And from that boy to this man – from audition to finale – it is amazing what he achieved…. this song touch my heart as much as his first performance did…

first audition

and this video show clips from his journey up til the finale – he won!!

at the judges house… will he be choosen?


This is straight to the heart!

Abu sing “My heart will go on” to all refugees around the world…..

this 13 year old boy was in Kabul hiding from bombs when he was only 9 years old…. so he feel the lyrics in a way not many children can.

Abu, I applaud you

Rachel Crow

Rachel Crow

This girl is amazing.. this was 2011 so she grown up today, but still amazing.

Just listen to her singing “if I were a boy” ….. she meant every word.

She is a singer, comedian and actress and just dropped her hot new track “Solo!”

The now 19-year-old singer recorded the song for her new Netflix movie Deidra & Laney Rob a Train


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